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Affordable Glow Novelties
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Fun Banks
All minimum order amounts are to help deliver the best price to you!
By buying in quantity we can pass the savings along to you, our valued customers!
(Smaller quantities available at a slightly higher price...please call or e-mail for current price quote)

See your money pile up in the house bank. $20.52 per dozen.
** Minimum 4 Dozen **
Start saving the patriotic way. $10.50 per dozen.
** Minimum 6 Dozen **
These banks really stack up the change! They are 9 inches tall. Just $20.70 per dozen.
** Minimum 3 Dozen **
Have an interesting time saving with the puzzle ball bank, it is over 3.5 inches around. $10.80 per dozen.
** Minimum 6 Dozen **
Have a ball....saving that is. Each ball is approx. 5 inches. Only $9.00 per dozen!
** Minimum 12 Dozen **
This is the dog-gone best way to save! These pups are $14.40 per dozen.
**Minimum 6 Dozen **
Kids love coloring and saving their money. What a great combination! These banks are 15 inches tall and $13.50 per dozen.
** Minimum 3 Dozen **
Yo-ho-ho! Is that burried treasure? Each chest bank is 4 inches. $13.50 per dozen.
** Minimum 9 Dozen **
Another version of the treasure chest...flat topped. 
$12.50 per dozen.
** Minimum 9 Dozen **
Our plastic smiley banks are $11.76 a dozen.
 ** Minimum 4 Dozen. **
These Ceramic smiley banks are $2.05 each.
** Minimum 4 Dozen. **
Smile with a clown! They are over 7 inches tall. $13.50 per dozen.
** Minimum 4 Dozen. **

If you don't see what you are after, give us a call. We have a complete line of novelties and can get you anything you need fast !

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** 888-807-4569 **
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Eastern

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