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Affordable Glow Novelties
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Jokes and Gags
From fart spray to rubber chickens...

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Rubber Chicken
One of life's great pleasures is a genuine rubber chicken. Something about them brings humor to any situation.
$42 Per Dozen
** Minimum 6 Dozen**
Rubber Chicken Keychain Pocket size variety of one of our best selling gag items. Sure to crack a smile!
$9 Per Dozen
** Minimum 18 Dozen**
Doggy Doo
Here fido...where are you...OH FIDO!
$6.75 Per Dozen
**Minimum 18 Dozen**
Snake Peanuts
Would you like some nuts with your shocking beer can? Snake pops out of the can when it is opened.
$8.00 Per Dozen
** Minimum 12 Dozen**
Shocking Beer Can
Have some beer with your snake peanuts...two gags that go great together! 
$6.50 each
** Minimum 60 Pieces**
Fart Bomb
You figure this one out...very interesting.
$1.50 Per Dozen
**Minimum 60 Dozen**
Fart Spray
Alright who had the beans?!?!?
$18 Per Dozen
** Minimum 8 Dozen**
Whoopie Cushion
Excuse you! 
$3.75 Per Dozen
**Minimum 24 Dozen**
Stink Bombs
What is that smell ??
$5.25 Per Dozen
**Minimum 36 Dozen**
Fake Arm (Left only)
Describes itself...
$36 Per Dozen
**Minimum 3 Dozen**
Fake Hand
Many uses...use your imagination
$15.12 Per Dozen
**Minimum 6 Dozen**
Exploding Lighter
KABOOM! Fun...
$8 Per Dozen
** Minimum 24 Dozen**
Exploding Pen
Will you please sign here? BOOM
$7.50 Per Dozen
**Minimum 30 Dozen**
Cigarette Loads
Use these with the exploding lighter for real fun! Drives people NUTS!
$30 Per Bag
**Minimum 18 Bags**
(Each bag has 100 individual packets)
Fake Blood (bottle)
(Individually carded)
Bottle of fake blood.
$10 Per Dozen
**Minimum 20 Dozen**
Blood capsules
Chew 'em up type capsules
$5 Per Dozen
**Minimum 60 Dozen**
"BANG" flag gun
Just like you see in the cartoons. Little flag unfurls when you pull the triger!
$10 Per Dozen
**Minimum 24 Dozen**
Rattlesnake eggs
Great for all of you in the Southwest!
$3.60 Per Dozen
**Minimum 36 Dozen**
Fart noisemaker
What the.....who did that?
$6.50 Per Dozen
**Minimum 24 Dozen**
Rubber Knife
Rambo type knife...only rubber.
$10.05 Per Dozen
** Minimum 12 Dozen**


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